1956 born in Munich, Germany 1975 High school graduate 1975-78 Sculptor apprenticeship 1978-84 Student of sculpture at the Academy of Arts, Munich Prof. Leo Kornbrust 1983 Student in a masters class 1984 Masters degree (MA) 1981 International stone sculptorfs symposion gStraBe der Skulpturenh St. Wendel 1982-84 Symposia in Austria and Italy 1983 Worldwide first gSphere fountainh IGA, Munich, Germany since 1984 Sculptures in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium,England, Spain, Finland, USA, Korea and Japan 1988-98 Work on the “Fin Project” Cape Town, South Africa 1995 “SiebenStein”, Fussen, Germany 1997 International sculptor’s symposion “IIsan” Seoul, South Korea 1998 “Sonnenuhrengarten” - permanent sundial exhibition, Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany 1999 “Sternstunden”, large-size sundial in front of “Deutsches Uhrenmuseum” , Furtwangen, Germany. With it’s readability of approx. 2 seconds, it is knowwn to be the most precise sundial of the world. 1999-00 “Daidaleia” , fountain sculpture “Heinrich Vetter Skulpturenweg” Luisenpark, Mannheim, Germany 1999-00 “Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde” sculpture in front of “Boeringer Ingelheim Center” Ingelheim, Germany 2000 “princess Diana Memorial Playground” Three piece column, Kensington Gardens, London 2000 “nikesphere” Fountain object on “Nike Campus”,Beaverton,Oregon, USA 2000-01 “three sixty impossible” 2001 two sculp tures fort he anniversary of “Autostadt Wolfsburg”, Wolfsburg, Germany “Raum und zeit”, “ZeitRaum” Seriel steel sculpture sculpture made of smelted optical glas 2000-01 “Issac2” Sculpture fort he city of Aurora/Chicago ,Illinois,USA 2001-02 “day for night” Kinetic sculpture in front of Physik Instrumente GmbH,Karlsruhe, Germany 2002-03 “little wing” Kinetic sculpture for the waterpark Ocean Wave, Norden-Norddeich, Germany 2004-05 “Findling” Fountain sculpture in front of Swiss Life Indurance, Munic, Germany 2004-06 “im Lauf der Zeit” Large-size sundial on Theaterplatz, Aschaffenburg, Germany SUPPORTED BY © Bursa Metropolitan Municipality 2012